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"Freehand Willy" TB's 12S ESC / TB's Bolt on Motor Mount / ABEC Flywheels 83mm / sk3 6374 149kv /12S Lipo

Ive got all htd5 parts right now. Whatever gets me mountains of torque though really.

If you know for sure you want 12mm or 15mm belts of a certain tooth count, i can order some for you. They usually take about a week or so to arrive and about two or three days to get from me to you if you’re in the states. Let me know and i can get some in and put them up on the site for you.

I’ve been trying to get a pulse on what other belts to keep in stock. Right now all my belts are 9mm 53 tooth “enertion compatible”, basically the same ones onloop ships with his drive kits. They work in most situations for most people, so that’s what i started out with.

Yeah i just hit up alien drive systems for some 15mm belt width action, sounds like hes got the pulleys for it and is gonna hook it up with a few belts.

Im not sure of tooth count but i find myself in need of a handful of 12mm wide, 280mm long, htd5 at this moment. We should talk business via a pm or two eh?

for what It’s worth I just finished my belt tensioner device.
I’ll test ride it in the morning.

I am in a pretty hard tinker mode so this is actually really exciting.

best part is; the mod only took me 5 mins to do.

So I done gone and got myself hit by a car. Will explain later, for now an update on this build.

I had fried out my 12s ESC from DIYES (probably my fault lololoololol) so soon after that I got the VESC set in and now im using that. As I got myself hit by a car its time to give this puppy some needed love then build another one thats not so run over. At least the deck is still good, but I wish I had videos of the crash and not just pictures and a story to post lolololol

I’m assuming you are ok after using “lolololol” at least 42 times when describing getting hit by a car… :confused:

So with that said, is the board OK though? after all, on the esk8 forum we only care about the boards, lol

Holy cow! How’d that happen? Hope ur ok !

Careful guys :frowning: ! At least your ok! That car didn’t stand a chance…

Glad you didn’t get killed by the car accident! You got some pics of the carnage? How bad was it? :skull_crossbones:

Thanks for the well wishes from all yall!! The board is… well its taken a few noticeable dents/dings/problems have appeared… But! thats ok. As soon as I am not so busy trying to buy a car I plan on getting some youtube videos together of fixing her up lol

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