French and German Electric skateboard scene background (popularity)

Hi there! Could you @unik , @DeathCookies explain some of the behind the scenes events / stuff related to eboards in your country?

What I mean is - do you get to see a lot of random ppl riding on the streets with electric skateboards… or it has not happened yet - but you are anyways still knowing a couple (5+) ppl who ride them and have them in possesion at all…

Where im living (lower income country) sometimes you can perhaps see electric bicycle… only once I’ve seen ‘‘one board’’ cruising the streets and other time I just know that the local ‘‘one board’’ makers also tend to ride in the city… besides that have not seen a genuine eboard on the streets here :slight_smile:

Basically, this is not all of the question I wanted to ask about eboards in your country…

I just want to know about how many ppl are riding them in your country in general?

Could you guess? Because it looks like a lot of french ppl get evolve boards… and there’s also just more ppl from the internet, who live in france or germany and have eboards… English people also got a lot of them… but that is further from the central eu :slight_smile:

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Well… i already created a thread with an esk8 map. You could specify your question and ask if we have seen more people that are not on the map.

In my city there is only one eboarder with an old evolve bamboo but thats all…

You do not have to forget that germany isa country with many laws… some people even got a fine of more than 500€ because of it -.-"

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@DeathCookies Hey, you should have put that map somewhere at the top! I dont see almost at all… I knew about it when it just '‘started’ but for now Ive totally forgot about :smiley:

I’ve read yes, that in germany the rules are quie strict and polcemen will use the chance to stop and give you a fine for ‘‘unregistered powered vehicle’’ or such… but there’s no such category yet, to register legally eboard… without having to get a certification / approval of it… etc… crazy stuff…

I thin NL had similar situation but perhaps with a little bit of less punishment from the police :wink: Mellow I believe was working on it… and segway had pushed its own legislation for their segways to be made as a special / seperate vehicle category… which has some rules governing it.

How should i put it on top? you could make a post there to bring it back to the top

I think if @onloop stepped it, he should be able to at least pin it to the top! Perhaps moderators can also do this… but besides that, I’ve also seen another forum with the same layout/platform with some links at the top / near the ‘‘banner space’’ -

I also got to see the banner in the beginning but then it seems it was somehow disabled… at least for me personally.


I checked the ‘‘events cateogory’’ it looks like it is not as hard to see it is there… the problem is that me and other ppl probably dont look in there that often to find about it… mhh

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Meeting in paris yesterday, okp, one of unik founder, was here :slight_smile: vids here:


Yeah would be nice if it gets pinned

It looks like you go to ride in the same place almost all the time! :smiley: or is the the meeting place since it is somewhere in the center? At least I’ve seen that ‘‘canal side’’ a couple of times by now :slight_smile:

Anywyas nice vid… at least Im seeing you are having and growing it as a eboard movement there, in France :wink:

Riding with other ppl is cool non the less :slight_smile:

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:grin: meetings are organised on our french forum. We use the app “zenly” to meet up when we ride in the city. And yes, the “canal side” is a good spot to ride in paris :yum:

hah, good thing these are ‘‘fenced’’ we have one (canal side) and if you ride really close to the side… it is possible to fall into water… :smiley: im not sure why they did not fence it… but for sure, I almost lost my board in the water, if there were no bindings for my board.,

As my foot was in the binding… my board flipped over and just landed on its ‘‘battery compartment’’. Ive got a big ‘‘tower thing’’ on my back end of the board… and on top of it is the on / off button… it so funny to find out that my board had switched off… only because the on / off button was pressed by the impact to the ground…

Will perhaps create another topic about how to ride with bindings and just a comparison of them… I know there is at least 2-3 other bindings types used on emtbs…

:joy: Time to have a leash like old times snowboarding!

haha almost… though it was a more complicated scene / event which happened… but I do speculate that without the ‘‘leash’’ or my foot in the binding… the board might as well just ran into the direction of the canal :smiley: My foot saved the board somehow but it was also the path which forced me to go such close to the canal side…So I cannot blame the city or the environment because I just chose a very narrow passage around an obstacle and to not crash into the latern, which was standing there… (will take a photo once I get there! )

Will be more careful next time when choosing on which way to ride… Should also make a '‘VR’'map of all the city to let other future eboards be warned about obstacles in their path! There should be ‘‘safe ride’’ zones… vs ‘‘dangerous ones’’ where it is easy to run into cars… or get to ride onto or down from curbs…!

Some streets has these nasty ‘‘drainage canals’’ and at first I really did hate them because they made my motor pulley’s set screws come loose… then after a while (also when set screws were secured back again) I noticed that with speed the obstacle is less ‘‘bumpy’’, even if it does give a shake!

There is a lot of to learn to actually ride streets safely and at high speed!

I assume there is some learning curve to riding a board… especially an electric… depending also on how it is configured and how it does steer…

Esk8 riders school, here we come! lol :smiley:

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To get back to your original question:

The German Elektro-Skateboard Forum ( ) has approximately 3000 users.

BUT not every user is still active and not every user has an electric skateboard. But the other way not every electric skateboarder has an account at this forum.

So this number can be far off.

@Duffman Thanks for the statistics! I was actually a bit surprised when I found out there are also approximatey 3000 members on this ‘‘international’’ forum… I will try to look up the number once again…

Edit: here it is :slight_smile:

Anyways… with 3000members on the german forum side, I assume you should still be able to create a little community of eboard riders / enthusiasts there… at least I remember that you had created an extensive build log of yours there, too :slight_smile: