French regulation update is killin us!

Hi All,

Tomorrow (Oct 26th 2019) French driving regulation will be updated, and strong restriction will kill our hobby: Individual transportation vehicle (category on which Scooters, boards, gyropods belong to) will have to be limited to 25 km/h by design and own lighting system (front and rear) approved breaking system (probably electric breaking will not be enough, perhaps they will require disc brake), drivers will have to get approved helmet, and wear yellow jacket or reflective and approved clothes… riders will have to be 12+ riders will have to use bicycle lines only or road when bicycle lines are not available…

if you own an engine able drive faster than 25 km/h (by design or because you’ve jail broken it) even if your board is not running, or your board is w/o approved lighting, breaking systems, you will have to pay 1.500€ (first time) and then 3.000€ each time!!!

So guys, before to spend your money into board, check regulation, France is dead!

original publication in French


my french is pretty shit but im pretty sure lights are only required at night…

Its always the same thing with news shity laws, some guys drive electric vehicles like cunt so justice must invent a law, they know many e-vehicles are “illegal” and cops have more to do to enforcing because 25kmh speed, for me it’s dangerous behavior they tried to fight.

ride smart, don’t be a dumbass on your board and everything will be ok, France is not dead :joy:

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Not sure, Light equipment will have to be attached to the board, and if they follow the same path that they took for motorbikes or cars, lights have to be switched on 24x7.

It is not the same to set speed limit to 25 kmh and restrict by design your board to 25 kmh and disallow everything that it is able to ride faster than 25kmh…

So only international manufacturers will be able to get approval tests and certification. Home made or assembled are dead in France and second hand market also.

Imagine to transfer this limitation to cars, no Tesla, BMW, not even a Prius nor a Renault Zoé that are 150 kmh enabled 99% of std cars would be a out of law véhicules, you will have to drive a Twizy or Smart electric model,

E-sk8 as we are expecting is dead.

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hah they have to be slower than bicycles


thats pretty fail.

I’m sure there will be “grey area/blind eye” from the cops for “slightly faster” people that are riding respectfully

you can always go faster than 25kph on a regular (non-motorized) board :upside_down_face:


No that’s not if you own, that’s if you ride it in public areas. But you’re right, it’s a very limiting factor. There are solutions.

We need a MP group about that. We shall make it on the french forum IMHO.

French expat here, but still concerned about those policies! So putting a profile with a 25km/h software limit can be seen as a valid restriction by design. VESC-Tool will let you do this kind of stuff, right? Default limiting profile set in, and unlimited one operational till reboot.


what happens if someone gears for 25kph no load, then they go faster than 25kph downhill, could the bemf voltage above battery voltage the motor generates potentially blow a vesc? i think so… no wonder they require mechanical brakes. genius!

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Hi @alexnz, I wish software will mitigate this crazy law. Couple of hours ago, Alex from LaCroix email me that next week a video will be forwarded to his happy users to explain how to update vesc modules and adapt our configuration. I don’t know for how long you’ve left France. Since 15-20 years, politicians are triggering on events without any mid to long term forecasts. Governance are from lobbies and sync on elections calendar.

What stops someone from limiting their esc and bringing it back up when cops are gone? I think the “by design” will probably state something along the lines of “no possibilty of changing said limit of 25kmh”

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Hi living in an overseas French territory here. It seems like they are trying to make those EV fit into categories. Maybe it is worth trying to have them accept to register your vehicle into another category like if it goes under 25km/h (but that’s weird I would assume they would measure the power instead of the speed) it may be like a moped (probably like the old Mobilette or something) and over that speed it could be registered into higher class like 50cc or 125cc with registration plates and all. I have seen 1 stand up scooter with registration plate earlier this month I did not ask the owner what was the power level of his scooter tho.

French are world champions with administration. And our véhicules need to get registered from adminstration with constructor specification.

You cannot build your own vehicule, regulation, controles, fiscal taxes, etc… If you don’t have all the paper with you you are going to loose a lot of bucks.

Imagine: if a professional is selling, giving, renting, exporting, importing, advertising a véhicule that is not validated he will have to pay 30.000 € per item, go in jail and loose the véhicule. A std rider will risk jail, 3000 € and loose also his driving licences for 3 years… What do you think? Custom electric board market is dead in France, events are deads also as boards will be out of laws…

If you speak French and have some trouble to get asleep read this or use Google translate:

Link to official publication from French justice administration

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Yeah that sucks really hard!!!

I guess even make a prebuilt board street legal would be a real pain in the ass.

Je comprends tres bien ton point de vue. Mon argument allait plutôt à l’encontre du fait que quelqu’un (certaines compagnie utilisent des vescs et des unity) pourrait ajouter une limite à son contrôleur. Je doute que ça passe les régulations puisque ce ne serait pas des limites permanentes et irréversibles

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Damn, that sucks. How strictly do you think it will be policed?

yes it will, is it easier to stop gangs and narcotics or drain 3.000€ from a e-sk8 rider?

Ha Ha Ha @Pura-Vida you’re a drama queen :slight_smile: I’m also french and yes the new law is quite restrictive but we need to know that esk8 was totally forbidden before the law…
First, the new law will not be effective before july 2020.

Second, were now recognized by the gouvernement as a vehicle and this is good.

Third, the speed limit is 25km/h like scooters, ebike and wheels… ok is low but speed limit in cities (not highway ands national roads where speed limits are higher :slight_smile: are 30km/h and 50km/h for cars and motorbikes… So from a legal point of view, it’s seem legit.

The real problem here in France and specially Paris are the free floating scooters, not eskaters, cops are really cools with us. i commute mostly daily around 10kms and if you don’t do stupid things no one cop will arrest you ! In Paris 95% of the eskaters wear helmets and 95% of the scooters don’t wear helmets. Cops are not (all) stupids, we’re not the target, respect others on the road, and you’ll never have a problem…

Hope to see you all at the next “It’s Electric” week end in july in Paris, i believe the second edition will be amazing !