Fried bms? 15char

So I had some space issues so I started moving the bms but then all of the sudden it sparked. It was a small spark and I’m pretty sure it was coming from the bms. I had someone else put this together but he did not include the e switch in de circuit so now my 15 amp switch is acting as a fuse…not so good. But now when I try to plug my focbox it doesn’t power up anymore. The battery still has the right voltage so that is fine I guess. What is going on? image

your bms has an eswitch, don’t use that 15a switch you’ll cook it

I’m planning to connect the e switch yes just wondering if I fried my bms

How do you know if your bms still works? I can’t see any burn marks

a smallest spark/pop/smoke from a bms means its dead/ not safe to use

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