Fried my ESC, need help upgrading

Over the past year, I built a 10s8p battery and custom enclosure for my Evolve Bamboo GT. I’ve been running Racestar 140Kv motors ever since one of my original Evolve motors died, even prior to the upgrade.

Everything’s been running solid until today, when my board came to a halt and smelled like burnt electronics.

I opened up the board and there’s an obvious burn mark where one of the motor’s yellow wires attach to the board. I’m assuming this ESC is toast at this point (?).

1 - Did I do anything, or is there anything I should check that would have caused this? Or is it simply the stress of running a hilly trail? Did the motor just stress too much and it ended up killing the board? I have proper voltage coming from my battery still.

2 - If this thing is toast, I’d rather upgrade than swap out with stock Evolve stuff. Since I have this mega 10s8p battery, what could I buy in order to run 200Kv motors? Can I keep the evolve BMS that is currently in the board and just buy a new ESC, or do I need ESC and a new BMS? I’m assuming new ESC means new remote too, or is there something that works with my R1 Evolve remote?


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I mean there’s at least 4 Unitiy’s brand new for sale rn

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Sorry for my ignorance, I don’t follow this forum closely enough to know… where would I go to buy one of these 4?

This should show all of the ones currently still available

Oh gotcha, thanks. So if I get a Unity ESC, can I keep using the original Evolve BMS? And does that Unity talk to an Evolve remote, or do I need to replace that?

You should be able to use the stock BMS as long as it has the same connector as the Unity, I believe the Evolve remote pairs to the ESC directly so you’ll need an aftermarket remote/receiver pair

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Ok thanks!

Are you able to pay $350ish for the Unity rn? They’re $280 new from Enertion but it’ll be mid May when they ship out

This guy is selling a new Unity and a decent remote, he said he had a pending sale Friday but never updated, it’s a bundle with a battery rn but he may separate them again

yeah, price is fine. I just messaged one of the guys that has one for $350. I’d rather pay the premium and have it sooner than later.

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Before you go buying a new vesc why not try solder on the yellow lead properly its half hanging of the pad. It doesn’t look like components are damaged.

Stupid question, but is this one of those things that “just happens”? I assume that burn mark where the yellow wire connected to my old board just means it tried to draw too much current? Or is it more likely a fault in that motor that caused this?

I was under the impression the evolve BMS is extremely restrictive… I don think you can use it with the Unity, ESP cuz you cant use the remote :thinking:

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I was wondering about that. It is still attached to the pad but not by much. I’ll throw some solder on and see what I get. There is a component near it that looks like it could be damaged but it’s hard to say for sure.

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Is the BMS connected to the ESC?

well from the BMS would be the power connecter to the ESC, Im just going off of previous knowledge where people have done ESC swaps and they ditch the whole evolve ecosystem

If the BMS only has the power leads, the leads can be replaced with the XT60 male that match the Unity and all is good

If the BMS has data wires that go to the ESC then the BMS has to go too…if the cells are li ion then the cells can be kept but you’ll need pigtails to connect them to the new BMS…you could keep the ports and charger if you know the BMS can handle it

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Evolve don’t like when you try to upgrade your board

Well I soldered that yellow wire back on solid but something is definitely screwy still. The power switch doesn’t work at all. Not sure if something in the switch itself is messed up or the ESC, but the positive that should be dead when the switch is in the off position is constantly hot.

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What BMS should I get to replace the Evolve one if I do buy a Unity? There are UART wires that go from the Evolve BMS to the ESC so I guess I have to replace that too.