Fried VESC? Any ideas? :C

I think (well I’m almost positive) I fried my vesc, went to plug it in and it sparked. Heare are some pics, anyone have any ideas how to repair it? Or maybe I can send it to you for a repair? Unless someone wants to just buy it for $10 cheaper and free shipping and repair it for your own use so I can just buy another one xD lol Anyway lemme know what youthink. Thanks!


Summoning DRV wizard. He’ll probably know.


Do you have any picture of the other side… I think it might be a short-circuit from the Vbatt to the GND…

Thanks for yours guys help. Other side looks like absolutely no damage. @JohnnyMeduse

Perhaps it turns out I am an electrical engineer? lol I put a piece of aluminum foil to connect the square i have circled with the gold fried looking part and vwoolah we have a cute little blue lcd light more beautiful that a tree lit up on Christmas morning. :smiley: Definitely going to need to solder it.

You should bridge it with solder instead, the foil will fail.

Also check the impedance of all the source-drain on the fets… i blown fet could have cause the copper of the pcb to blow

When you say it will fail do you mean it will mess up my vesc or will it just burn out? lol, i believe i connected with reverse polarity, I saw a spark. It seems it just burned out that part, looks like the current traveled down the positive and burned out the solder on the opposite side.

The foil will burn up.

Reverse polarity you say… now sure if much will work at all after that