Friend Wipes out on E-Board. Video Inside

Safey first kids.

Haha looks like the brakes need some tweaking :joy:

This is the kind of issue I have with my current esc, which is an FVT 180a. When I brake from coasting (not accelerating), it jerks. This same thing happened to me at 30 mph and it was not a fun fall. The workaround is I figure out if you go from accelerating straight to braking, you get a smooth braking.

Same thing happened to me with my old ESC. VESC is the way to go for smooth and predictable braking.

Also… what makes the braking so loud?

there’s more to this than bad breaking. He needs to plug in some double barrels. there was a lot of wobble just before the throw, but that may be due to torque steering if this is a bigger single motor. That noise though… was probably the motor(s) screaming at the sudden rush of stop-juice coming from the ESC.


Definitely too sudden braking that threw him off. You can hear the sound of the brakes the second before he bails. He’s braking because he started getting the wobbles. My board sounds identical whenn braking ( much like an electric train). My Hobbywing ezrun 150 brakes smoothly but if you hit full brakes like he probably did, and were not prepared for it you’d get thrown off.