Front 105mm wheel, back 113mm wheels ? Do you feel the difference?

Hello folks, Lately I wanted to print some wheels (113mm) but they take soo long. Therfore I want to buy a pair of CloudWheels 105mm. So the question is, if you can feel the height diffrence or should I crop the STL file to 105mm ? (Im not that good in Fusion)


oh awesome you want to use a printer to make wheels?

regular TPU/abs printed wheels would fail and maybe lead to a very costly hospital visit.

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what is the reason for it ? I printed them and drove around… nothing too bad

Only pneumatic printed wheel hubs I think are ok if done really well and I would still rather a non printed bearing seat.

Printed solid wheels is asking for wheel failure and a nasty fall.

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These have not failed yet that I know of. Not looking super hard however.

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so you mean, the grip is loosin ? and whats up with the material ? what makes the pneumatic printed different than the tpu ? your not really giving me a reason. i get it that i will hurt myself driving with those wheels… but why ?


oh you were never clear that you were printing sleeves… not entire wheels.

I think that could last and be a hell of a lot better than a fully printed wheel like I thought you meant.

ah ok. I thought I will gonna die with those sleeves xD