Front Truck Floating Wheel

How do keep all the wheels balanced and on the ground?


Tried it with different decks, wheels and with and without eskate parts. That front right side wheel is always floating. It rides fine, I haven’t had any trouble with it. It bothers me though when I’m looking at it.

Is there a fix to this? Thanks!

Too tight 10 char

Different bushings. If you need it that tight you probably need harder duro bushings. Recommend double barrels. Riptide is good choice

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Yeah. I’m 105kg and any looser than that, the dinghy deck becomes unstable at speeds. Any recommendation on bushing setup?

Bushings depend heavily on riding style and weight. If you could wedge the rear to something like 44° that would help a lot. Krank formula seems like a good all round bushing choice, but I would ask @Alphamail on this thread tho he knows his stuff.

Omg haha, those bushings are probably destroyed from being that tight. I would get something in the 93 duro range to start with

For real?! Oh no what have I done!!! :scream: Time for new bushings then

Overtightening can destroy them. I guess it depends on how long you rode but you either need more time on the board or stiffer bushings, maybe a combo of both.

I have never seen that many threads on a caliber kingpin lol. Your bushings are going to be very deformed, buy a bunch of different bushings to try them out until you find something ya like. You can never have enough urethane :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want more high speed stability with looser bushings the best bet is to de-wedge the rear truck.

Quality bushing will make a big difference too.

I recently put these king pin keys in my TB218 trucks. It removes slop from the king pin. It make the trucks feel way more precise and allows me to run looser bushings without a loss in high speed stability. Can’t recommend them enough. If you have a 3D printer they only take a few mins to make.

Additional you can run the rear truck stiffer than the front to give a non symmetric steering. I run my rear truck a little tighter, used cupped washers on the rear and flat washers on the front. And harder rear bushings, because that’s what I had on hand.


I see that from your toit pantsh… crack up! :joy:

Thanks for the tip. Will try this when I get a hold of someone with a 3d printer. :+1:

And I thought that was normal :blush:

Will try to get some input from @alphamail and see what he recommends :+1:

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