Front wheel drive and rear wheel drive easy switch?

So my deck is symmetrical on both sides. If I wanted to easily switch between between FWD and RWD, is there a easy VESC setting for that?

my 2 cents: I believe the GT2b remote lets you switch the way which the motor spins, making a FWD board work as a RWD

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Switch twophase wires on your motor to the vesc


I know that works, but I don’t want to open up the enclosure just to switch, I would much rather just connect the vesc or use a remote

Just use “current” control mode which will give you reverse

Just use “Current with reverse”. After you have brake to still stand and keep pushing brake you will drive backwards without changing or swapping anything :wink:

But the trigger has to be pushed the other way around! :smiley:

So I think it still comes to two choices, if you want that trigger direction stays the same

The mentioned:

Hard-wiring method - make a switch which makes the current go both ways (depending on switch position)

Software method - making it possible to switch settings (direction) on the go… which probably is not yet so easy to do,

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I know with nunchuckRF on the VESC it’s as easy as pushing a button, so it can’t be too hard to implement something similar for the GT2b, but you’re definitely looking at a custom firmware since I don’t think it’s already there.

You can use the nunchuck but there were connection issues… An nrf remote would work but you’d have to make one. The easiest would be current with reverse and a gt2b so you can flip directions of the control instead of holding backwards and trying to remember