Frustated with vescs, seeking alternatives

First post, let me know if I’ve screwed something up.

I bought a vesc from torque boards a little over 3 weeks ago and she just let the magic smoke out of the drv. That is the second time that’s happened to me now, and I’m starting to get fed up. I’ve inspected the motor wires, and nothing is shorting or anything like that, and I’m running a max of 50 amps and bat max of 30 amps, with a 6374 168kv sk3 motor. Would I end up disappointed if I cheaped out and bought a set of the dual hub motors and hub motor esc from diyeboards? What about the belt kit? I am running a 10s4p li-ion battery.

I keep buying a cheap vesc that everyone else seems to be having problems with DVR , is what I just read buy a high quality one like focbox or get a vesc6 little on the exspensive but sure are stupid proof , B-Box

Its not a quality issue with the TB VESC’s. I have 7 running ATM, 3 of them for over a year, 1 for almost 2 years. THe issue I mostly see when people burn DRV’s on a VESC is full throttle/brake on the bench. ERPM is the killer.


Hmm interesting. This was me just starting out after class, I put it down and gave it a push and was easing into the throttle. The part that I don’t understand is why it worked perfectly well for 3 weeks and one day without warning it gives out. I’ve already decided that I’m done w/ the cheap stuff, I’ll put the money in for the quality.

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sometimes its hard to diagnose. take pics of the VESC with the heat shrink removed and maybe ask @JohnnyMeduse to weigh in.

I figured I’d be perfectly fine running a set up that is more conservative than what other people run on theirs.

Allow me…


@johnnmeduse Please help! Thanks man!

Just the man I wanted to see. Do you have any in stock?

yes, and you can get them with 5.5mm bullets as well, that’s a minor mod i do right before shipping for $10 more. Stock they come with 3.5mm bullets.

I’m pretty sure the sk3 6374 comes with 4.0mm, any chance you have those? If not, is the best solution just to buy 3.5 bullet connectors to 4mm?

yeah that should work for you.

Alright perfect. You’ll see the order in minutes.

I’ve been running the same VescX(Focbox) for about a year. I had them on my old 10s set up and now I have them on my 12s set up pushing them hard for 500miles with no problems.

Good to hear. Hopefully the early issues are all ironed out and I get up and running again soon.

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