Frustrating amount of problems with Torqueboards motor pulleys / belt tension

Hello all, I “finished” my esk8 build about a month back but since then have had a whole bunch of problems centered around my Torqueboards (DIYElectric) motor mount and the belt that comes along with it. For one, the mount itself often comes loose on my trucks and causes the pulleys to be off-alignment, which causes accelerated wear on the belt connecting them when the weld with the gears is no longer flush (this mostly happens when the belt is pulled away from the wheel pulley) or if the belt is touching the wheel (mostly happens when the belt is pulled toward the wheel pulley). I’ll probably try J-B welding in the future to stop this from happening, though.

When that’s not happening, however, there is still inexplicably some friction with my belt. I’ve tried adjusting the tension on it, but still no tension. I’m currently having this problem even when the mounts are working properly. Videos are posted below of what I’m talking about. I’ve narrowed it down in the past to some oscillation with the wheel pulley (you can see it at low speed in the videos), but I’ve minimized that so that hardly any oscillation can visibly be seen.

Other than that, the motor pulley was shipped with an ill-fitting key, which may also be a problem (you’ll see it missing in the side-shot video). In either case, though, this causes my pulley to wear down very quickly (after about 2 weeks of use before having to buy another one for $35)

Does anybody have any experience with any of these issues? I would greatly, greatly appreciate any help, especially with the belt skipping / clicking that happens even when tightened. It’s important to note here that I’ve seeked DIYElectric’s help on this through their website (specifically with the motor pulley mishap and the pulley wear) but they did not respond.

Sorry if it’s a bit much, but if you want any help then I am here! Thank you.

And the videos:

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Do a bit of searching and you can typically find answers…

There’s no issue with the mounts, they just have to be installed correctly.


Right, I’ve serached this before and saw other people having similar issues (the set screws not loosening but the motor mount eventually losing its grip on the trucks regardless) and saw that I should probably J-B weld. Other than that, the motor mount doesn’t really have any other issues and I’m certain it’s installed correctly. My main issue is with the belt rubbing / wearing unfortunately :confused: maybe I should have focused on that more in my post.

you installed the pulley backwards…


You should flip the motor pulley around so it is closer to the mount, then scoot the mount toward the wheel

@GrecoMan beat me to it


LOL for real? thanks :sweat_smile: I’m embarassed but motivated. Appreciate the help man


yea the mount should only be a few mm away from the wheel pulley


$35 for a pulley? I found this nice source for cheap pulleys:

They also have cheap belts. Probably low quality though.

I mean, that was a year ago and your pulley is aluminium and 12mm wide with a giant shoulder and no keyway.

Not really relevant here.

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