FS: Cheap 4wd (or 2x 2wd) 6s ESC/motor package

Up for sale is a set of 4 DIY/Torqueboards FVT 6s 120A ESC’s, and 4 Turnigy SK3 6355 260kv motors. I had planned to make a budget 6s Lipo powered 4wd board out of this, but plans changed and now I need E-Toxx money. :money_with_wings::roll_eyes: Everything is in good, working condition. 2 of the 4 motors look and sound basically new, except for the motor shafts (more below). The other 2 motors are a little bit more used, but spin smoothly and work fine. I bought these motors used from another forum member who appears to have gone a bit crazy with the dremel when grinding flat spots for the pulleys :roll_eyes:, but despite their appearances, I didn’t have a problem mounting pulleys straight on them.

Also included is an ugly 5th SK3 6355 260kv motor that can be used for parts or at least for a replacement shaft, if necessary. These motors aren’t very hard to take apart with the right tools and technique. I believe there is a YouTube video that shows how to disassemble SK3’s easily.

Finally, these will come with a programming card, and 2 servo splitter cables with one of the red power wires disconnected on each, so you don’t have double 5v power inputs going to your receivers. This setup would lend itself to using dual receivers paired to one remote, but it could be wired to use only one receiver, if desired. Also, if you want specific battery side connectors soldered on, I can probably accommodate that, provided I have the connectors you want.

I’m asking $250 + shipping for the 4wd lot, or $130 + shipping for 2 ESC’s & motors, or best offer. I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

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I was going to use single 6374 190kv for my first build. If these have enough torque and you want to part with one or a set for cheap let me know.

These would not work well for any single drive. Go 6374