FS - e-skateboard kit - Australia Melbourne

Hello, doing a cleanout. All the stuff in these photos is for sale as a lot, excluding the batteries. Everything is 100% working, BMS’s and second motor fixing kit are new, and everything else is used.

1 x Turnigy D5035-125KV Brushless Motor 2000W motor 1 x Turnigy 50A Skateboard ESC with BEC (designed by Benjamin Vedder) 2 x Gear set with belt 2 x Skateboard fixing part set 2 x Motor mount 2 x Motor mount cover with bearing

1x DALY LifePo4 12s 36v 18a 1x DALY LifePo4 12s 36v 45a

1x s600 LifePo4 charger 1x flipsky Anti spark Switch 1x long board deck. 1x battery capacity display 1x rf handremote

pick from Footscray Melbourne, or I can ship at buyers’ expense.

$200 AUD


bump, price drop $150

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