FS: E Toxx mini gear drive with machined hanger, superstar hubs, 7'' tires and tubes

E Toxx mini gear drive 1:4 for 63mm motor with trampa mini spring truck. Two baseplate. Two super star hubs Four 7’’ tires and tubes I can throw in two MBS rockstar II hubs if you want. No hardware.

Located in Santa Ana, Southern California, can be local picked up.

I was looking for to get everything for $500 maybe, make me an offer.

Let me know if you have any questions, if listed it’s not sold.



Edit: It didn’t work out, still for sale.


Willing to part out?

I have a few questions…

What Ply is the Trampa board? Can you ship to Ohio?

I’d prefer not to. But let me know what you want, maybe we can work something out.

Sorry, deck is not for sale. But everything else in the picture is. And yes, I can ship to Ohio, but you will need to pay for shipping.

Hi there It’s straight gears not heli gears right?

Yes, it’s straight gears.

However, sale is pending now.

Let me know if the superstar hubs fall through.

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Added more pictures and Monday bump.

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I am trying to sell as a complete, but if it doesn’t go as planned, I will let you know.

Friday bump to the top.

How many miles on the gears?

Basically brand new, put on everything tested for less than 5 miles.

Then it’s been sitting in the corner collecting dust.

Interested in the 10T gears if ends up being parted lol. Cant get others off my old motors :frowning:

Buy with confidence people I bought trucks of this gentmen here , one of the most honest n nice folk here

Too bad the drive will not work with my motor or els it’s mine already


Thanks for the kind words, can’t wait to see yours to be complete.

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oooh! I want this so bad but i’m 12 and can’t spend too much! I built one board and don’t know what my parents will say if I want more parts after I ordered more! (raptor hubs and focbox unity)


Time to cut some lawns boy. Earn that dough


Bump, still for sale, make me an offer.

Bolts does not go in to the kingpin Do u have an idea .

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