FS: E Toxx mini gear drive with machined hanger, superstar hubs, 7'' tires and tubes

Than use m5 instead

I am dead now Lol I am tired of trampa. 3rd shipment from my only one order n still ended up wrong size bolts . Holly fuckubg jeez

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That’s nothing new. Just go to your local hw shop and buy the right ones.

Gotta find the right size now Have no idea thought

If it’s mini hanger than m5 should work

Do u happens to know what size it’s for the MTB trucks ? Because I think I mess up my street urban deck holes by forcing those wrong size bolts into the holes .

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The holes in the deck should be m6. In the Mini hanger base plate the holes m5. In the ultimate, Infinitiv base plate they m6. What is now your problem? I don’t exactly understand what is wrong where. Just get some m5 bolts, washers and nuts and mount your hanger.

He supplied me the MTB bolts. N when I was doing it . I didn’t have the trucks with me that time . So I kinda snug into the street urban deck holes . Now I am afraid that the holes on the deck might be a tiny bit too wide for the M5

Try it with m5. If it’s too much play you can always file out the holes in the base plate to m6, but I don’t think it will be necessary.

I dunno. I really snug in the m6 onto the M5. I thought that’s the way to go with this .Until next day when I has the trucks . I might just drill out the truck base plate to fit m6

Do I need spacers in between anywhere ?


No one want these??

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What have you got left?

2X baseplate. 1X machined hanger 4X 7’’ tires and tubes 2X MBS rockstar II hubs 2X superstar hubs One set of the gear drive

Missing some hardware tho.

Everything SOLD. Please close. @mmaner