Fs ESC 4.2 mini

Hi, Need help, building esk8 Battery is 6S2p lion, Can’t connect fs ESC mini;4.2 through usb, so I have connected it through Bluetooth. Can you run sensorles brushless dc motor in FOC mode or no? I also tried motor 6354 with car controler/ receiver and it seems to me that there is almost instant full power, can this be setup so the power comes gradually and if yes how to do it? I have no prior experience any help is appreciated. When my kid drive rc car the speed can be very gradually increased, so this should also, I think.


This is not a kids RC car! The motors have a lot of ‘stiction’ (static losses), and the remote is in Torque control (not speed).

When they spin, they are loud and fast, this is because there is no weight to slow them down.

When you stand on the board, you should see that it is not “instant full power”. In the air they spin fast or not at all.

Yes FOC mode, sensorless is okay.

But low speed sensorless is not possible, it will make loud noises and jumps when starting without sensors.

In the App settings, find PPM section, you can scale the signal in case your remote does not match your VESC.

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Thanks for responding, I sorted it out, it was a problem with mixed setting, wich was default in the app, don’t know why was that, and now it’s as required just regular settings as everyone is doing.

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