FS EU : 4 x Trampa Gummies €80

I gave these a try for 25km but the roads I like to ride aren’t really up to snuff. I must say the gummies are great on smooth-ish pavement though. I wish there was more of that around here.

Bought for 120£, ridden 25 km. I want 120€ and shipping will probably cost less than what Trampa will charge you if you buy from them cause I ship from Belgium.

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Tempting as nobody actually sells their set as often on the forum :thinking:

thats because as soon as you go as big as the gummies you might as well use pneumatics - and you can get 6inch pneumatics from aliexpress for like 60$ including the hubs


Autonomy with gummies is twice what you’ll get on pneumatics though.


do you have a link for the 6inch ones? just interested. just found 8inch yet.

Sorry but could you explain what you mean by autonomy? Do you mean in terms of maintenance free?

Rolling resistance is a lot less. You need less energy to go a given distance. You can go further on the same battery. And they’re a lot more durable than 15$ tyres as well. I typically do no more than 600 km with Trampa 6.5".

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well the tire itself is 4$ (if I remember correctly in one of the many stores) - I can get 10 tires for the price of one gummie.

The added resistance repays itself by a smoother ride - I mean you want to sell these Gummies because they are too rough on bad roads so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also I want to emphasize: For someone looking for Gummies this is a good deal and I hope you can sell them quickly.

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I agree with both of you @maxid @philvanzu . The smoother ride is worth alot. But gummies will give significantly more range.

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still for sale

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If you’d rather trade stuff you don’t need I’m open too.

Will gummies fit on mbs rockstar 2?

No idea, but they apparently fit evolve hubs, so there’s a good chance they do ?

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If they would fit, I could by the gummies. Wanna try Lacroix on them :wink:

Any guess on what shipping to the US would cost?

they don’t fit Gummies are too wide and won’t let the rockstar hub close all the way

Thanx for reply :slight_smile:

shipping to the US will cost more than what trampa will charge I’m pretty sure, they have a sending volume that allows them to get better prices than me for long distances. The only way this is a good deal is if you want it shipped relatively close to Belgium. It will be 5€ to France or Germany for example.

Thanks for the response