FS - EU - Trampa ultimate truck

shipping from barcelona spain. Payment by bank transfer or paypal if you pay the fees.

Brand new ultimate truck 16 inch full size. Single truck only.

these are half a kilo lighter in dual setup and can use normal wheels with 9.5mm bearings. the spare 4 dampas not included. they are gone now.


110 euros + shipping.

Next up is a koowheel battery with about 20 charges on it. I have 2 that I rotate. Getting rid of one. THIS IS THE SMALLER 154WH travel airplane legal version. 4.3ah. GONE

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80 euros + shipping

I also still have a few things left over from my old thread. Have a look and combine shipping if you want something from there


4 spare dampas gone. only the trampa truck and koowheel battery left for now.

Battery is gone too. Just the ultimate truck left yo :slight_smile: