FS: Focbox's (US)

As the title states, I have two focboxes to sell. Both focboxes are v1.6

1x used focbox 1.6 with stock heatsink (no bulets ~100 miles)

1x used focbox 1.6 no stock heatsink, with blown off cap (replaced ~20 miles)

My price is 200$ shipped (f&f)


IMG_20190418_194211 IMG_20190418_194518__01

@anon64938381 im keeping the heatsinks :sweat_smile:


Bump 195$ shipped

Are you also selling separately and shipping to EU?

Willing to split? Would be interested in the one with the blown off cap… :slight_smile:
@AlanZhou how much would you want for it? :slight_smile:

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they both work… and the one with the blown off cap is considered fixed :grinning: the caps are wired in parallel so adding a extra cap on top shall do

but yeah sure you guys can split

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Damn, thought I could make a good deal… :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Hell yea we can do that. I was actually also interested in the one with stock heat sink, so that’s perfect I guess.

Guess you would pay a little less than me because yours doesn’t have heat sink and blown cap.

@AlanZhou how much for shipping to Denmark or Austria?


give me a address, cause i dont know how to ship that well internationally lol, i can ship both focboxes to one of you and you guys can split it

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My zip code is: 2353 Guntramsdorf, Austria.
But I’m going to assume that shipping to @legend27 would be cheaper… :slight_smile:
I’m in Austria. @legend27 is in Denmark…

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just pm me a address


That was also what I had in mind.

I’ll just find a random address:

Name: Sam Smith

Address: Dueoddevej 2

Postal code: 2770

City: Kastrup

Country: Denmark

yeah i cant read international address, i suck :sweat_smile:

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Random address:
Max Mustermann
Roggengasse 7
2353 Guntramsdorf

did i put it in the correct boxes?



Updated :slight_smile:


thanks :joy:

Yes. 10char

Shipping is 23$ via first class international :disappointed_relieved:


To me or @legend27? :slight_smile:

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