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FS-GT2B Enclosure conversion Has anyone converted a FS-GT3B with LCD display?

Conversion for the FS-GT3B would be nice. Any technicians out there could design something to :train2: transfer matrix. So it wouldn’t be so bulky.

The problem is getting info to the LCD. It’s basically useless, except for some basic info, so converting it would not be practical.

I think he already owns such a TX and dont want to buy another TX. In that way it would not be useless.
@XvDarkVAngelvX You should provide measurements of the pcb that a volunteer can design it.

Designing something would take quite some time, so anyone who would do it would be a very kind person. But it’s worth a shot. Maybe @FLATLINEcustoms could help

:ok_hand: ok thanks, Just thought it would be so cool :sunglasses:. I know sometimes things :slight_smile: look :+1: good on paper. But when :smoking: you :heart_eyes: :apple: apply the application. It’s not what you :sweat: thought. But I’ll try to draw something up.

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Yea :eyes: I :heart: know. I hear it all the :hourglass_flowing_sand: time. But I love emojis :man: man. :ok_hand: lol

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:grinning:I like emojis too, but you sir, take the cake! :cake:

Yea :eyes: I know. Its :kissing_heart: like crack. Every :hourglass_flowing_sand: time I try to stop, it keeps :iphone: calling :raised_hands: me. Lol

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