Fs: lacroix nazare

Selling my lacroix Nazare. (I have 2) the deck is super wide, too wide for my taste. It’s a good board for really rural areas, with open space, but I’m in a a city with lots of foot traffic, and it’s just too big and heavy to maneuver around the way I’d like to. It’s opened and slightly used. Prolly 5 miles. Selling it for 3000 obo. Hit me up, here or [email protected]

Thanks Bryan


$25000 in boards in 1 image? xD


Is this the one with the bigger battery? I believe 12s8p?

Oh my bad the big o e is 12s12p loooooolololol! This is probably the 12s6p

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omg. stop flexing! XD do you run a youtube review channel or something? :o

Lmao. For realz

Lol I don’t, prolly could though, but don’t care to entertain lol


The Lacroix still available?

I would email him. He doesn’t check the site daily

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Great cheers.

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Hey ya the Lacroix is still avail text me 7147267611

Just did. How much to buy it and get it to DC. You use PayPal protection transactions?

On1y is a good guy. There was a mistake with communication, Brian didn’t have his phone and I didn’t understand that the person communicating with me had changed. Anyway all good. The board is sick. No idea how people get it up to top speed.

Explain? He’s a tardy communicator are you sure?

I know but I’m worried someone hijacked his profile.

Contact him for me.

Eh no, I don’t know the guy outside of this forum and even then

I bought the Lacroix of him

Seems I could be wrong. We will see.

Ok all. My apologies. Brian is a stand up guy. The board is amazing.