FS lots of brand name boards

Various boards for sale BioBoards Thorium 4x4 for 3500 obo Like new. Lacroix Nazare 12S6P for 3000 obo Like new. Metro-board X for 1900 obo with both street and AT Like new. Mellowboard/drive for sale. Taking offers. (maybe 40miles) Loaded/Unlimited race dual hub motor kit. (Lightly used) Elofty DD for sale. (used) 200 Carvon speed drive v3. 350 (well used) Carvon torque drive v4. 360 (like new)

Also have an e-Toxx direct drive with mbs trucks on a mbs warren deck/or colab deck for sale. 12s4p 30q battery and enclosure from eboardsperu.

Will add pics later. Email me at [email protected]

All boards are practically new, maybe 5 miles on each. I have shipping invoices/receipts from all vendors on email. My username is On1ybluu on the other forum. Done plenty of deals. Never any shade.

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How much for elofty dd and etoxxx dd

How much for that Metro Board?

Why did you ghost on the other forum?

People trying to reach you… seems strange.


Agreed, not sure he is actually selling lol

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Hasn’t been very responsive in this thread either

I sent him an email also and he has not replied

The elofty 200 plus shipping and etoxx prolly 350ish

The metro board is one of my faves right now. I have both kinds of off today wheels and the red 107s. I will sell it for whatever retail is minus like 500. So 2000

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I haven’t logged on all week, just got around to it. Sorry guys


Does the ettoxx include motors and trucks

Also what will shipping be like to uk

We can include them if u want to pay for them Mbs metal matrix and 6374 motors like new

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Would you sell just the mbs matrix and motor mount with it?

What do u want for the Collab complete?

Hey I’m interested in the Lacroix. Still available?

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Are u based in Europe?



Yes hit me up on text 7147267611

Add this to the top of first post: “I don’t log in often, text me for faster response 7147267611”

Like 2200 for colab complete

are carvons still for sale or elofty