FS: Never summer reaper deck and eBoosted enclosure [UK]

Here is the thread I bought the deck from originally

I have made a few changes to it since purchase:

  1. Drilled holes in the enclosure for phase + sensor wires (8 holes in total)
  2. Drilled 2 holes in the deck to hold down the phase wires as they come out of the enclosure to make sure they stay out of the way of the motors
  3. Slightly opened up a couple of the mounting holes on the enclosure to make it easier to mount

I have ridden it once since I bought it but simply don’t use it so might as well sell it. I haven’t used it in about 3 months. Still in very good condition. Here are some pictures of the changes. I’ll take some better photos when I’m home next (away for the next 2 weeks)

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I’m open for offers but looking to be as close to the 250 euros I paid for it (dropped to 220). You pay the shipping :smile: Note, this is for the deck and enclosure only. For more pictures, see the original thread above


Are you selling the motors aswell or just the deck and enclosure?

Just the deck+ enclosure , sorry I’ll edit the post

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No worries, thanks

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@surfer Saw you were interested when it was up for sale the first time, don’t know if you still are or not

Semi unrelated but I completely forgot that my childhood best friend’s dad is one of the owners of never summer lol. Gotta reach out to my old buddy.


I like it !!:grin:

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I’ll pm you dude, easier that way

Bump still for sale :slight_smile:

Price drop 230 euro, still open for offers

I’ll PM you @freddiecook __

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Bump still for sale

Dropped to 220

Still available?

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sure is :slight_smile:

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Bump bump bump.

Still for sale, up for trades/ offers

What are you looking for

Batteries are what I primarily want (will pay the extra), other than that, not really sure, just about to start work on my next board so if you have something in mind let me know and I’ll have a look

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Completely forgot I had this up, it’s still for sale, open for offers hmu