FS: Photon remote for sale $120 (used 2-3 time for testing only)

Hi all,

I’m putting up for sale my Photon, with the latest receiver for $120 shipped in the Cont US Lower 48 only. If you are outside of this the price is $115 + shipping. But would prefer to keep it domestic.

The remote is in complete working order, never been dropped, and was used for about 10-15 miles totals. I am no longer using the remote, as the side to side play of the joystick does not bode with me well above 30mph. However, It’s a wonderful remote for a cruiser, and has the latest firmware already updated.

You will receive Photon Remote New Receiver Connection cables bought extras from eBay as well so x10 of them USB cable supplied with the remote.

Here’s footage of it working.


Bear arm skin, No helmet, Phone in one hand, Going 30mph with a remote You’re

If you fell both hands would have something in them OK… so lets say you droped them real quick, you’re then falling face in what Now Maybe protect your head but putting your hands in plank position, But wait Your only wearing a t-shirt You would rip the skin off your arms.

Get this the people who ride down hills at 40mph without a t-shirt are safer than you.


So it is $1 more than new for used?

Interesting tactics.


For the extra cables lol

You act like you’re surprised


Never seen more markups from one place


Updated correctly and it’s just sitting on a shelf at this point. Let me know who’d be interested

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I was very confused …

selling the same exact thing as @Deckoz with a little less miles. I like to stay around 30mph+ as well if youve seen any of my videos

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Just wondering, why don’t you want to use it in the Kaly you have on the way?

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I’d rather have a remote with 2 speed modes so other people can ride my boards and am not a fan of the joy stick thumb trigger.

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I have the photon. Just adjust the throttle in throttle settings for other riders…

glitch in the matrix

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Sold please close thread @treenutter