FS: Photon Remote

Hi all,

I’m putting up for sale my Photon, with the latest receiver for $120 shipped in the Cont US Lower 48 only. If you are outside of this the price is $115 + shipping. But would prefer to keep it domestic.

The remote is in complete working order, never been dropped, and was used with gloves for about 300 miles. Condition is “Like New”

I am no longer using the remote, as the side to side play of the joystick does not bode with me well above 30mph. However, It’s a wonderful remote for a cruiser, and has the latest firmware already updated.

You will receive

  • Photon Remote
  • Old Receiver
  • New Receiver
  • Connection cable
  • USB cable supplied with the remote.




Pm sent hehe

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I may be interested in this, does the side to side motion affect the throttle and brakes or does it just make you lose orientation?

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Just makes me loose Orientation at faster speeds.

@Blacksheep I’ve responded.

FYI for all I am not a “dibs” seller. So the first person to offer payment is whom it will go to. Regardless of whom pmed me first.

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It takes some getting used to, I have only used it on cruisers for the same reason. It’s just a matter of training yourself though.


Alternatively you could 3d print rails on the sides of the remote so it doesnt move side to side while riding.

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Dibs! JK. Sending PM…

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Sold to @Mobutusan.

@anorak234 @treenutter @Namasaki

Please close.