FS surplus VESC's Components Pneumatics Trucks [EU]

I’m selling off surplus stuff to clear out my hobby room. I’m located in Belgium, will ship to EU only. I won’t split the lots. Take 'em or leave 'em. PM me if you’re interested.

Full set of AlienDriveSystem’s 5" pneumatic wheels

Complete with bearings, tyres, inners, 60t pulleys, belts and 3 spare inners. Brand new, zero road time.

€100 plus shipping

Set of VESC’s, components and programmer/debugger

  • 4 x DRV8302DCA mosfet driver - new in packaging
  • 2 x STM32F405RGT6 microcontroller - new in packaging
  • 2 x Nichicon 63V 2200uF capacitor - new unused
  • 1 x STLINK V2 programmer/debugger - used/working
  • 2 x VESC V4.11 - not working

The VESC’s are two remaining units from a run of 10, which I was unable to flash firmware to. They are sold as-is. A decent hobbyist should be able to get them up and running.

€50 plus shipping

Set of Paris baseplates w/ Randal R2 180 hangers.

Baseplates and bushings are new and unused. Hangers are used. Hangers will fit the baseplates.


how much for the DVR8302 and the stlink v2?

I’m not splitting the lots. Sorry.

how much is the shipping to germany for the baseplates and hangers?