FS used yuneec ego truck, motor cover, motor, ESC. PayPal ready just shoot me an offer

All it decent condition. Working bought a board and don’t need these parts.

Please add some pictures so buyers know what they are getting.

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Sorry to ask but I am very new to electric anything modification…never mind skateboard/longboards… So the trucks have wheels and pulley or no? And if say I swapped this truck out and put it on the front of my Yuneec (uniquely slow) ego …and added 7s battery (which is not included?) would I need the ESC or could I attach this motor to the exisiting one and another battery…so the one controller could effectively command the now 2 motors???

THIS then would give me the actual speed of 12mph…cossssssss it certainly does not travel at that speed currently…and would it give me more torque and mean it could climb hills or at least slight inclines at a faster rate than a travelator …can anyone make these machines things perform better without incurring a cost which may as well leave you ordering a Boosted or similar???..

you´ll always need one esc to one motor. So when you´re using two motors you´re using two escs. If you search this forum a bit you´ll find some threads about if its possible to tune an Ego and if it´s economical or not.

Great thanks! So did it work…re pictures in above post? …That is exatcly what I was thinking! Do you need two remotes though? if not how do you get your original remote to talk to both ESC’s?

Not sure I don’t have any experience in that area. Pics are what I have for sale

Bump $125 shipped! in lower 48 of USA

Bump willing to let go for cheap this week let me know

@Danielmr144 want to buy?

Bump shoot me an offer if not it’s getting thrown in the garbage next week.

Bump also have boosted board deck

How much for the vanguard? And price?

specs on the motor?

Shoot me an offer

Whoops sorry. Honestly I’m not sure it came with the board the guy had it laying around sorry.

Send me A PM aslong with some pictures!

I need the back truck but not the motor. Could it be and how much is it?

Shoot me an offer. I’d like to sell the whole thing ideally

Is the power cord still aviable???