FSESC 4.12 issue

Greetings to All. I seem to have a faulty speed controller that used to work fine. Power on is fine, blue and green LED on the ESC are on. I can connect to the ESC and do a Setup Motors FOC (successful). I’ve performed the Setup Input again (signal is received) and set up properly. All of this works but the ESC doesn’t seem to operate when I try to move the vehicle.

I am using dual FSEC 4.12 ESC’s and dual BDUAV 6384 motors. When I perform the same function on the other FSEC 4.12, it is fine. Also… swapping the motor (and re-running the Setup Motors FOC) the working ESC is fine but the seemingly faulty ESC still has an issue. Is there anything else to check or do I have to replace the ESC?

Are the ESCs connected together by CANBUS? Upload a photo of the wiring.

The ESCs are not connected together.

This is the problem then.

You need to use CANBUS or PWM (search terms: split PPM) to connect them together. You’re only commanding one of them to spin the motor.

Thank you very much for the reply. I do not wish to connect the ECS’s together. The vehicle needs to have the left and right motors controlled independently. I resolved the issue (just now). Apparently someone tried to calibrate the ESC and enabled “Safe Start” . The ESC was never able to boot past the initial power on based on the KO Propo controller I am using. Again, many thanks for your time.

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