[FSESC 6.6+] Dual VESC as single (one side broken)

I have a dual Flipsky VESC 6.6 plus mini of the previous revision (the one with the power switch plug, no CAN switch and only one remote IO) and one side of it is in a quite sorry state, the USB port is a bit mangled, a copper pad for one of the phase wires got torn off and the HALL sensor port won’t register anything.

Rather than throw it away I’d like to repurpose it for a single motor build if possible, but in VESCtool it keeps giving me errors about not being able to update the linked VESC, the linked VESC not being the right firmware, motor errors whith that VESC, and other small errors.

I see options in VESCtool that are for the VESC I’m plugged into or all connected VESCs but between those two options I get the exact same errors, like it’s still trying to communicate with the other VESC over the CAN even though I told it not to.

tl;dr does anyone know how to disable just the CAN bus connection between the VESCs on the older revision Flipsky Dual VESC 6.6 Plus mini?

There is an option in vesc tool to turn off can forwarding.

However, have not used it for so many years i cannot tell you off the top of my head the exact steps.

I’ll check and report back

Isn’t there an on/off switch in the middle of the esc?

Yeah, i think some have a little dip switch so you can cut the connection that way.

there is on the newer revisions but not on my broken one which is an older revision. I’ve tried to turn off all mentions of CAN interaction in VESCtool but I still get the errors