Fsesc 6.6 to photon receiver

Hi there would like some help to wire the photon 00.2 receiver to the flipsky dual fsesc 6.6, i think i have it worked out but would like input from others as i dont want to make magic smoke on any of this i will attach a picture of the wire information i have. Any help be much appreciated thanks Screenshot_20190303-124114_Samsung%20Internet 15516200257995781466036325396366

good call! i smoked my 1st ESC because of the bad information on the photon wiki. I would not recommend following that doc…

lol, a little late.

@Wajdi seems awol anyways. Probably best to avoid Photon stuff that is still floating around out there unless you’re really into electronics engineering.

too funny as i am an ee 6x over navy trained and still working in the field just gullible enough to believe what i read online LOL photon install does mention reversing tx and rcv which makes some sense i suppose…BTW i went with flipsky vx2 remote. Comes with cable,no rewire needed, just plug in, pair and done.