Fsesc VESC restarts when braking

Ok so I bought a VESC made by flipsky off eBay a week ago and it arrived yesterday. I’ve been having a play with it and plan to use it on an ebike. It was working fine controlling it via up down left right on they keyboard untill suddenly it disconnected when I braked or swithed I to reverse. Upon further inspection I’ve noticed that the entire VESC is disabled for a few seconds and the green led goes off for a few seconds then comes back on again. I’ve tried fiddling with current limit settings but that changed nothing. The only thing that temporarily world was reducing some sort of delay to do with errors. Weirdly no errors showed up in the console and the red led did t blink at all. Same applies to using a throttle knob for control.

Any help appreciated

What FSESC? Also post all your seetings with screenshots pls.

It’s an FSESC 4.12. I’m out at the moment but will post screenshots when back. Which sections shall I post?

are you running 12s? Sounds like overvoltage…

Are you running 12s FOC

Running 10s BLDC


Does this happen when the battery is not fully charged?

No I charged the battery fully and have also tested with a power supply however that can’t be used with braking as charge can’t be put back in to it.

That’s kind of why I’m asking. If the VESC goes into regen and tries to send power to a fully charged battery the BMS can cut power to protect the battery killing the circuit momentarily.

Yes sounds like it’s the battery BMS that is cutting off. Either because your battery is already full, or because you’re sending back too many amps for what your battery can handle.

My Flipsky 6.6’s dual drive 6380 170kv motors do the same thing. Only during a full battery running 12s FOC it’s an over voltage from regeneration during braking is what I believe is the cause. Once the battery has ran down some the problem goes away. I was suggested to run no Hardware limits version of firmware. Of course run this at your own risk.

I had the same issue here with 2 dual 6.6’s. I was going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong. Brakes would cut out momentarily after coasting at 41.2v and getting fault code over voltage. Checked and rechecked every connection down to the parallel groups. Interested in a safe workaround. I haven’t explored no hw limits.

Maybe it is about the voltage reading in the fs6.6’s. Many people reported that they get massive over voltage spikes. only suggestion so far: add capacitors

@skaterscooter what is your “max input voltage” set at?


Right I’m back now. Seems most people are suggesting over voltage which would make sense as before when it was working, that pack was only at about 38v. I’ll send screen shots and test with a lower voltage at some point this morning.

Thanks for helping!

Also just to be clear, I’m not using a BMS whilst testing.