Fuckkkkk. Is my only option to try to drill this out?

Screw bolt snapped in half when I was trying to unscrew it. Any suggestions?

image image

I think so.

Is there any compound adhered to it?

If not, and you have time, use some Loctite red on it and something else. Maybe the same both piece that broke, then unscrew with the affixed piece

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Dremel a slot, use a flathead


The picture kinda confused me, but yeah, if there’s enough room obviously do this.

You could also drill a small hole and then hammer in a torx bit. This is presuming that the cheese your torx bit is made of is of higher hardness than the bolt cheese


The picture doesn’t show it well but there’s nothing sticking out enough to dremel into.

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Didnt read before i passed noob mistake

Carbide endmill in a Dremel would work great.

Anyways, if you don’t really have a big workshop or a drill press - seriously just abrasive Dremel disk INTO the entire mount, threads and all, and make enough of a cut for a flat head. It’s not going to change much. Won’t even look that bad if you just take your time.

Maybe superglue a smaller screw and screw it out? @b264 might know be of help

I mean, a screw extractor may also be an option

Toss that one I’ll send you another one Just pay for shipping


an easy out might be your best bet here. google em

Is that the end of the bolt? If so you can drill that and once it heats up it should just spin the bolt out, careful not to hit surrounding thread or wrap the bit apart from the very end image


any way to drill a small hole in the center all/most of the way through? to possibly JB weld a smaller bolt to it, cure and then turn?

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Drill with a small drill bit and it should come out

That’s what I was thinking. They were really stuck in there and hard to unscrew though. That’s the only thing that worries me.

Well, do something, if it fucks up, you’ve been offered a free one

heat it up until you see a bit of fume to make sure the loctite is released just to make it easier.


I’m with banjaxxed, drill from the back, there’s a nice flat spot to centre punch and it should unscrew the way it went in. (Same as a left handed drill works on a seized stud). Go with the largest diameter drill that misses the threads. Or pay the postage and get a replacement!

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All your threads on those 3 holes are fucked. Probably why the 4th one snaped… You need to drill it with a bit bigger drill. And re-thread it.