FULL COMMUNITY BUILD | 6374 190kv | 7s2p 9000mah | Vesc

Hi there, i’m new to this whole electric skateboard thing, but i did some research and i finally came here. Now, i have something like 250-300 euros + the longboard itself to spend, and i did a little list. I would love if anyone could help me figure out the best way to put this together. Motor: 63 euros, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv Battery: 25 euros ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 25C - If you say i should use two of these in series, i’d prefer to buy one of these: Multistar High Capacity 6S 10000mAh, 30 bucks more but i have double the capacity (right?) Charger: 14 euros, Turnigy B6 Compact 50W 5A Automatic Balance Charger 2~6S Lipoly Controller: I like this one very much http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/nano-x-enertion-2-4ghz-controller/ but i don’t know if they ship it yet or should i buy it on aliexpress Vesc: 87 euros pulley kit: 37 bucks http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/12mm-wide-pulley-drive-hub-kit/ For the motor mount, i can do it myself. Will i need to solder stuff? And can i adapt every type of wheel to that kit, or need to buy some flywheels? Is this everything I need? Thanks for helping out, hope i did everything right! Plus, i live in Italy, so can enertionboards ship here without import taxes? I read somewhere that they have a warehouse in Belgium.

All this stuff doesn’t count anymore, it’s just a record of my noob start

BIG EDIT Since this community is so great, i was able to get many things from here on the forum, so let’s change the list:

Motor: 6374 190kv (70 euros) http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/e/6/e62940a00638e7d3966471767400eefe7c8b8f95.JPG Remote: winning (35 e) Wheels: 90 mm flywheels clones 75a duro (30 e) [All of those from @ajaynagra , my hero] Battery: custom 7s2p Li Ion pack from @monkey32 with charger and bms (100 e) http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/optimized/2X/1/19da2643b7798b5c1cf2c1c74761d75a1af3f803_1_666x500.jpeg Esc: @B4Me 's limited vesc stock (100 e) Motor mount: @fedestanco 's 8$ carbon fiber mount + alluminum piece (25 e) Trucks: https://www.blue-tomato.com/it-IT/product/Caliber-184mm+50+Raw+Silver+Truck-301731750-raw/ if i’m not wrong, (30 e shipped)

I should still be under 400 euros. I’m going to buy a pair of custom enclosures from @Dunkirk when i’ll find some more cash.

This is quite literally a “community build”: basically every component comes from the relations on this forum, i think that’s great! These people are helping me everyday, not only explaining how all of this work (I’m 16, english is not my mother language and parts in Europe are often not very accessible), but also helping me find the stuff i need and guiding me into this world. Let’s see how this will end up!

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I’m pretty new too but I know you definitely need an ESC. I bought the VESC from enertion for $99 USD but I know you can buy cheaper car ESC’s from hobby king for around $35. They need you to kick before the motor starts and don’t have regenerative braking and a few other things that I forget. I’ve read the VESC is by far the best ESC, but it is also more complicated to program and can be unreliable.

if you want a cheap esc for 6s, the FVT 120a is great.

Get a 6s lithium ion. Honestly I have had so many problems with lipos it’s unbelievable… I’ve wasted 125$ on Zippy Flightmax batteries alone

If you go 6S, you will want a better balance charger, go for one that plugs right into the wall. I have the B6AC 80W Charger, better than the small DC powered ones. I highly recommend going 6S li-ion as well. I don’t like doing 3S in series much, but I’ve done it, it works fine. Go for a cheap 6S car ESC. You will save SOO much pain with the VESC, especially when starting out. You need the flywheel core for the wheel pulley, but you can get flywheel clones on eBay for $20. Save yourself some pain, get caliber trucks, the ease of use is worth it. If you can, spend the money from the VESC on a nice Enertion motor mount, or maybe another one. There are so many good motor mounts. If you feel confident in your ability tho, go ahead, my first two mounts were self-made and worked pretty well, just a lot of work. They do have a Belgium warehouse but I don’t know if they stock everything they sell in that warehouse, maybe only batteries and motors?? Not sure… You will need to solder some things, so you should try to practice if you don’t know how.

Just so you know… 300$ is not likely but since you’re a first time builder on a budget:

Thank you all for helping out! About the vesc: i know it’s complicated to program, but i think i could do it following some guides. I want the most reliable setup i can find, i prefer to save on parts i can build myself, even spending a lot of time on it, rather than buying a cheap esc that will die if i use it uphill. Ah, maybe i should have pointed out that i could have to do some uphills, maybe this isn’t the best motor for that? Should i keep the Kv lower? About the battery, can you link me the best bang for bucks? I need it to do at least 12 km. The top speed isn’t important, i don’t have good roads here, so i probably won’t go over 30 km/h anyway. Can you link me the charger? And have you tried the mini controller they sell on aliexpress?

Make sure you own a really good soldering iron. And a drill. And put LockTight Blue on all your bolts and screws. You also need to buy all your connectors, and fasteners, and extra belts (they break every few months). Don’t go into this project thinking you can just buy the major components for cheap and be done, there’s a lot of hidden costs.

For the battery, 6s 10,000mah will definitely get you 12km if you don’t go too fast. I recommend getting the VESC because it supports higher voltage for future upgrades (and you’ll want to do upgrades).

That charger is fine, but it doesn’t come with a power supply so you’ll have to buy one. And again, if you ever decide to upgrade to more voltage, you’ll need a new charger too.

This is exactly the comment i was looking for, thanks. Can you link me all the stuff i should buy, or tell me where i can get those? I don’t think i’m gonna upgrade anything after this, 1st cause i have no money, 2nd cause the streets in my city don’t allow me to go faser than 30 kmh if i’m lucky. I read that 5000mah 6s can do something like 10km, so 10000 should double that, right? Where do i find the belts? For the soldering and drills, i’m gonna be helped by a friend who is into modeling and rc cars, so i should be covered. Can you tell me which charger would be better, having everything included? I would go for vesc as well, also because i want to be able to limit speed and stuff like that, since i depend on my parents who are scared if i go too fast, i just need it to go to school or just around the city.

Theoretically yes.

ESK8-Vendors like Enertion (@onloop) or (@torqueboards). Otherwise you coul just google for a local supplier…

IMAX B6AC or a knock off

Thanks, i think i’m gonna go with 10000 mah and that charger. I’m also thinking about doing something like they did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DVkoVAKuqE&list=WL&index=36 (only with mechanics), do you think the wheels would resist? I think that at the end buying the electronics only would be better, because if i don’t buy flywheels, belt-pulley kit, motor mount and trucks i save like 200 euros, and those can be done diy. Instead of screwing the motor mount i would solder it. You should also consider that shipping here costs a lot, even without taxes, so anything diy costs the price + 15 euros less than buying from sites like enertion.

What do you mean by that?[quote=“SirDiff, post:11, topic:9093”] i save like 200 euros, and those can be done diy. [/quote]

DIY is mostly better and cheaper! Go for it!

Maybe you can buy some parts from here:

With that i was wondering if the one in the video was a good solution, maybe the wheels treated like that would have suffered after some use. I checked that post, the only things i could use are the enertion wheels, but buying those would mean i have to buy the enertion pulley kit as well, and the wheels that are actually on my longboard would become useless. That means at least 80 euros away. If anyone had parts in Europe, maybe a vesc or a controller, i would be very happy to buy from him/her. Oh, this is the longboard i own, are wheels too small? https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00ID8OGZQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AKGBEMMEFFX3R

The wheels are kinda small but they would work. But most people preffer at least 80mm for riding comfort. It is totally ok to Drill into the wheels like the guy in the Video did it. I would recommend to make another plate for the other side of the wheelpulley for more stability. Just have a Look on the old Enertion pulleys.

Ok, thanks! Last thing: how can i know how much battery i have left? And do i need to remove the batteries to charge them?

You should design the battery case, switches, and wiring so that you don’t need to remove the batteries. Here’s my setup, which I’ll generously refer to as “functional”.

Normally: Battery in the case, wired to the ESC through the power switch, and the battery balance cable runs off to the top mounted battery monitor (balance cable has its own on/off switch).

While charging, the balance cable is disconnected from the battery monitor connects to the charger, same for the power connector. The battery stays in the box and I just need to reconnect the wires:

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That’s a smart thing to do, thanks! Which batteries are you using?

Zippy Flightmax 6s 8000mah, a 90A helicopter ESC (switching to VESC), and SK3 6364 245kv. It does 12km if I take it easy, 8km if I don’t. Top speed close to 40km/hr with 17:36 gearing and 90mm wheels.

I made a couple of changes from the original project. Well, mabe i should say that I changed everything, but i would still like to know what you think about it Also, i still need a pulleys-belt kit. Does anyone have one lying around somewhere in Europe?

Hey guys, I’m getting a bit worried about safety, after reading some posts. You know, people start thinking “wow I can be as cool as casey neistat and his boosted”, then realize they could really get injured with this stuff. So, do you have any cool looking helmet/protective gear to recommend? I’ll only need the board to go to school and maybe cruise around at low to medium speed, less than 30km/h in any case. Thank you!