Full kit for sale

£430 Kit includes. 2x caliber trucks. 4x 83mm wheels. Enertion battery enclosure with built in groves to hold 40x 18650 cells or a pre built battery up to 10s4p. Enertion mount. Enertion pulley kit. Gt2b. Sk3 6374 192kv motor. longboard. Everything you need except the battery. Less than I paid when you add up delivery and custom charges but now need the cash. Free next day delivery to the uk. Message me if your interested. Ryan.

Are you willing to sell something seperate?

Hi I have motors and mounts in a separate listing but can’t devide this up.

Ok thanks.

I’ve seen this on eBay, I live in Blandford.
Can you do us a deal for a local homie, you won’t have to worry about postage then. Also I don’t need the deck if that helps with the price.

I pm’d you about this kit not sure if you got it yet! I also have a vesc to go with this kit for an extra £90 from think there sold out at the minute.

Kit still avaliable and vesc if anyone is interested pm me.

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