Fully Charging Battery After Every Ride

Hey I have my Raptor 2.1 and I’ve been going on some small rides only using 10-20% of the battery. For the longevity and health of the battery should I recharge the battery back to 100% even if it was on 90%? Or is it better for the health of the battery to recharge to around 75%, similar to what Tesla’s do

Just wondering that’s for anyones help

Charging cells to 4.10v doubles lifespan and charging to 4.0v makes It even triple. Most bms start balancing at 4.10v and 4.0 is a very noticeable range loss. If you undercharge your pack i advice you to charge the cells to 4.10 and every now and then make full charge to make sure they are balanced. Fully charging them everytime is not wrong. You just get the standard lifespan. If you are not gonna use the esk8 for a long period 3 months+ leave the pack at storage voltage 3.40-3.50v

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You should never leave the battery sitting for any length of time above 75%. The cells will literally tear themselves apart on the inside. You want to leave them around 50% charge for storage, never leave it sitting above 75%. Charge to 100% right before you ride.

Not charging to full is one thing that will help the battery last longer. But never let the battery sit above 75% for more than a few hours. Even over night is too much. The decomposition starts immediately after charging. If you do this, you’ll notice less range first and foremost. You may also damage some cells more than others, leading to parallel groups becoming more uneven and more likely you’ll kill an entire parallel group of cells as the p groups won’t discharge evenly (which will kill the battery unless your a battery surgeon).


Oh no, I was waiting for some parts and I let my battery sit at around 90% for 3 months :’(

my torqueboards battery came with 80% charge, I always charge to 100% after every ride. its been a year and the battery is still going very strong. My exway the same… for my ebike the manual even says I have to charge fully after a ride (21700 cells). so I don‘t know whats the the deal with not charging over 75% even for a few hours or not but I don‘t see any issues with my batteries. I have not the time to charge my board to 100% just before a ride so I have to live with it anyway but maybe the bms of some of my batteries do not charge to 100%?

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The rate at which a cell degrades follows some sort of parabolic curve dependent on voltage. Cells with to low voltage are broken down by the micro structures of the cell falling apart and cells with to high voltage are ripped apart by the chemical reactions of the cell that hold potential altering the chemistry of the cell. There is a sweet spot where a cell will degrade slowest (all cells always degrade under all conditions) but it is dependent on the cell chemistry, condition of the cell, and environment of the cell. In general the best situation is around half way between charged and dead, and slightly below room temperature

Thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

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