Fun Commuter! | Enertion CF Deck | Jacob's Hub Motors | Enertion S.P.A.C.E. Cell Pro4 | Dual VESC

I’ll be using an Enertion Carbon Fiber Deck Jacob’s Hub Motors Enertion S.P.A.C.E. Cell Pro4 Battery, 10s4p? 2 VESCs

I want a fast, reliable, relatively inconspicuous electric board. I’ve honestly never done this before, and have zero experience with things like this. I had originally purchased a Marbel Board and after waiting a long time and hearing all sorts of awful things, I decided to build my own board after being inspired by Jason Potter’s VLOGs!

This board is very similar to an Enertion Raptor but with the Jacob Hub motors. My question for you guys is how well this would work, and what kind of range and speed I would get. I’m not sure how to use most of the calculators with Hub Motors. I am 5’6’’ and weigh about 150, though I’m trying to drop weight to about 135-140 (lbs.).

Is this an efficient set up? What could I do better? Will the S.P.A.C.E. Cell Pro4 fit in the CF deck housing with both VESCs?

My goal for speed is anywhere between 25-40mph or so, and at least 15 miles of range. The faster the better, but again, at least 25. I do a fair bit of downhill skateboarding, too fast isn’t much of an issue. Also, budget probably $1800 USD at a maximum. Thanks!

You could ask @jacobbloy himself. He has the Enertion deck with his motors as well.

The current raptor deck will not support a pro4 battery, so you’ll have to go with pro 3 or wait for the new deck to come out. Also, if you want to go up hills you may want to consider going to a traditional drive train vs the hub motor.

I don’t believe the new Space Cell’s fit the Carbon Fiber decks-

also, with Raptor production, I don’t think your CF deck would ship for a while… I would just find a nice wood deck you like and go with that.

A wood deck would be 5x less expensive, it’d ride better (absorbs more road vibrations than the super stiff CF, and would allow you to get one with a concave and shape you really liked.

Just pick one with minimal flex, and the Pro4 will mount right on as shown in Jason’s vlogs.

Or… Get a Carbon Fiber Deck from HI5BER :grinning:

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This is exactly the same setup as my future build !! You do realize though that 10s4p battery and enertion carbon fiber deck for that battery is not yet ready ? It seems like they are going to have it in 1-2 months. That’s what I am waiting for. I was considering current 10s4p with enclosure and my custom deck but at the end I decided to wait for enertion deck.There is also a chance for a new BMS that onloop showed a few weeks ago. It has one usb hub for charging and one for vesc configuration.
Also it seems like finally there might be new a lid for enertion deck with only 6screws. Which for me makes this deck super easy to have swappable battery as in the future I want to have 10s4p as my main battery with smaller 10s3p as a swappable one. That would give me super massive range…also the smaller 10s3p battery will be used as my carry on battery that I can take on a plane. I’ll just put 99wh sticker on it, and basicly pretent it is power bank charger for my usb devices. “Fuck TSA agents”, I used to bring a lot worse stuff on planes than this battery.

@L3thaltank have you tried any on the boards? They have great prices considering they’re made with carbon fiber.

I haven’t yet… ordered a Hi5ber raptor on the 20th. From what I have seen they are awesome and the prices are very reasonable compared to some wood decks.

Alright awesome. Would love to hear a review about it after you’ve tried it out. Send me a pm if you are not going to write a post about it. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, looks like that’s what I’m doing! I just ordered all the parts, so now I just have to wait. Still gotta pick a new deck though, I’m thinking either the Loaded Cantellated Tesseract, Omen Mini Sugar 2.0, and Rayne Anthem.

Thanks for the info, thats really good to know! I guess I won’t be using the CF deck, as I’m too impatient haha I also already ordered the battery, as I’m not sure when that BMS will actually be ready for sale. Maybe for my next build? Sounds really cool!

So if you are looking for traditional decks , take a look at some of these decks. They are sold in california, and are really well made.

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How is your build going ?

Waiting for parts now! Decided to go with SpaceCell Pro4, waiting on that and the VESCs from Enertion, as well as Jacob’s Hubs. Using Enertion remote for ease of use and relative reliability, and I decided on the Rayne Anthem deck because I can’t live without a kicktail! All of my parts “SHOULD” be here in the next two weeks or so, so hopefully I’ll have a lot more content to add to this site soon!

Is it possible to use the space cell pro 4 battery 10s4p on a flexy board as the Loaded Vanguard?

no, it’s not flexible and may get damaged