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FunBox Distributors

These guys are really helpful and have unbeatable pricing on their decks, decent selection too.

if you are on a budget and plan on repainting you deck you cannot go wrong. They even have free shipping within the US.


cant beat ebay prices tho, i got a 10 by 40 incher for $28

These are quality decks. Those ebay decks are usually crap quality similar to what you would see at walmart.

Funbox is well respected in the longboarding community and sells great gear for the financially handicapped. I think they even do custom graphics now too!

Depends on the seller on ebay, Most are usually local skate shops :smile:
I do like their free US shipping and California location

Picking up my “Angel” Longboard tommorow at the US border for my first E-board !,… along with the VESC , purchased from you Chaka.

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Awesome! Thanks for this, just might have to expand my budget for one of these decks!

+1 always great stuff