FunBox | Jacob Hubs | VESC | Spacecell | ABS Enclosure

It has taken awhile to finish (at least be rideable) but it is done - almost. I am still waiting for the thane to get soft and flop around just haven’t had a chance to ride it as much as I would like. On to the show

FunBox bamboo deck and ABS enclosure (Thanks @Kaden56)

Cut some holes for the spacecell in the enclosure

Used air filter material in the front and back for airflow and to keep out debris

Printed a platform for VESCs

Used Window foam sealer and clear Gorilla tape. The clear tape over the power button is a little stretchy so it worked perfect

Using the steeze remote for the time being, also have enertion and winning remotes - not tested yet.

It was a fun build. already started on second and third.


That’s awesome! I love how close the enclosure comes to the edges of the board it’s so slick looking! I would put some rubber grommets into the cutout holes. They make it look nice and they do a bit of sealing off dusty air from flying in.

Thanks Kaden, there are rubber grommets under the cover that each screw is going into. Probably would have been better and much easier to do it your way. Lol.

Looks good! I like how the enclosure tappers off. Gives that thin appearance that everyone seems to want these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Super clean build korryh! Looks like a production board w/ those clean lines.

How did you get the enclosure to match the board so well? and recess the screws like that?

Well done Sir!

Thanks man - I modeled it using illustrator, Rhino and Fusion 360 then @Kaden56 took my model and cut out with his CNC. Then he vacuumed formed from ABS - it turned out much better than I thought. I havent taken any recent pics, these are when I was fitting all the pieces together and it looks like there are a few bulges in the weather striping and it is not tight to the board.

Nice build. I’m really liking the custom enclosure, but my favorite part is actually the scoop. Great idea with the air filter mesh. I’d like to see a little gasketed door/hatch across the front of the scoop that swings up flat against the deck for airflow, but can also be shut for wet, cold, dusty, etc. riding environments. I want a deck scoop now.