FunMaker | HolyPro 35° | FS Dual 6.6 Plus | APS 6384s


I would like share with you my project, currently only scratches and build plans are ready so I really count on your comments :slight_smile:

The idea is to create a board able to give me enough range and power to play it in woods without need to worry about battery. For city crawling already got Evolve GT, so no need to worry for “too much for city” :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is list of parts I would like to connect:

  • Deck: Trampa ElectroHolyPro 35° [spec]
  • Tracks: Trampa Vertigo [spec]
  • Hubs: Trampa Superstar / Trampa Megastar
  • Tires: 8" Primo Alpha
  • ESC: Flipsky Dual 6.6 Plus [spec]
  • Motor: 2x APS 6384s 170KV 4kW 10mm [spec]
  • Battery: 4x Turnigy Graphene 6s 12Ah 15C [spec]
  • Motor mount: Custom from @Idea
  • Motor pulley: 15T
  • Wheel pulley: 72T
  • Remote: Trampa Wand (?)

From calculator these should give something like this:

For a range I’m hoping for something around 40-50km, not sure if this will be possible with such setup, but we will see :slight_smile:

As for now I got some questions:

  1. Does Graphene battery really charges so fast?
  2. If they does, how much power they consumed from power outlet?
  3. Has anyone got experience with Trampa Wand - I’m worrying it will be slippery?
  4. Any other remote suggestions? I’m looking for something like Evolve R2 as for me it suites the most till now, but I haven’t tried any thumb controlled one to have compassion, all of them were triggered. From remote I expect it to have LCD with at least current speed and trip milage.
  5. Any other flows of my build? Don’t be shy I can take criticism if I’m doing something stupid :wink:

Hello sir, you have a nice list of questions here, you would definitely get more help and support on https://forum./ this forum has kind of died, you should just copy paste all of this onto a build thread in that forum. See you over there!

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Good call. If you do, after all the information you posted above, add a @ Andy87 (no space) and a @ Taz (no space) and you will get awesome advice.

Good looking out, @J_Dizzle !