Furthest range on your eboard

10s4p 20ah lipo. Should give me around 60km of range.

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You all have very good ranges. I have 360Wh battery. Best i have got is around 25km on summer at 15°C and worst about 10km now on winter below -10°C :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

With large packs…2-3c on a lipo could out amp a Li-Ion…


My current pack has a range of 15km so consider yourself lucky :slight_smile:

A lot of people had problems with multi star batteries, and also they are advertising them as 10c and they do not perform even close to that

Tested the full range of my board this weekend 10S3P of NCR18650GA, average speed of 22 km/h.

Did 44 km with a total of 300m of climbs (and obviously downhill), the last 4 km was in limp mode


Hey, Im really new to all the eboard building sites and such so I dont really know how i would go about making a battery like yours, could you explain to me how you made your battery? It looks amazing and I wanna try it out

Hi, welcome to the forums. First things first is that you’re probably gonna want close to a day of read time before you start ordering anything, these boards are pretty easy to screw up and lose a lot of money with.

@Alex built his board with lithium-polymer cells which aren’t usually recommended on this forum due to their higher volatility compared to lithium-ion. That being said, they offer excellent performance per dollar and great current output at the cost of long-term reliability and fire safety. I happen to use some myself, so it definitely can be done. Generally, you create a LiPo battery by buying other battery packs (usually 2s or 3s) and wiring a harness to connect them in the config you need. In this way, you can remove the battery packs individually and balance charge them (necessary for LiPos) or disassmble the pack for flight

if you have any questions feel free to hit me up and ask!

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How about a month


A month of read time??? Dang, there are probably not many people on here that have logged that much… you even only have 21 days. I think 1 day, 24 hours, is a great start before you start ordering.

No, not a month of read time, whoops. I meant a month of actual time… maybe a day of read time

My bad

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10c discharge 20c peak on a 16000 pack at 12s

moar then enough

multistars are not 10c its false advertising i did not try them but a lot of reputable members said they are crap and fake

everyone is entitled to there own opinion but been running them on a ebike with vesc 4 at 50 amps no issues.

and at the end of the day its over 4kg of lithium its going to have a good enough discharge for most dual motor setups unless you are running dual vesc 6 mtb with 80100 APS motors

how many you got in paralel? people tested them on endless sphere and got barely 5c

2 6s 16000mahs in series for 12s setup

Had issues myself with the multi-star pack but could put it on user error with me setting the voltage cut offs too low for those cells. That said I feel like there isn’t much room for heat dissipation with so many big cells stacked up like that so could see how it would be more of an issue in hilly areas or with bigger people too. I don’t typically pull more than 10A from my battery since I’m in a pretty ideal scenario (small person on flat land).

Also to the OP topic I’ve gone 12 miles on 5Ah 10S or 185Wh some recent data shows I’m using about 8Wh/mile

I have been taking a solid 20A out of them sustained due to the higher rolling resistance of the bike but i will update these findings later once I have used them on the board I am building for uni in a month

I’m using (2) Multistar 6600mAh 6s lipo batteries wired in parallel (13,200mah total). I’m averaging about 18 miles of range at the 80% consumption mark.

With lipos, it can damage the longevity of the battery if you exceed 80% consumption, so I limit my rides to 12-18 mile runs to stay within that threshold. Also, it should be noted that wiring your batteries in parallel doubles the c rating. So a 10c battery becomes a 20c.


False. It’s still a 10c battery. You now just have double the capacity to draw from.