Fuse, yay or neigh?

The fuse (40A) on my antispark blows every single time I turn on the switch. I’ve been running fine without the switch straight from the batteries no problem. Is the fuse really necessary or can I just bridge the connection points?

Just from turning the switch on? Why would a 40A switch blow that fast unless 40A+/a short is taking place.

I took the fets off the board, resoldered one, stuck an LED on the output and it seemed to be functioning correctly. I put the second fet back on the board, plugged it into my vesc, and turning it on immediately blew the fuse. I am just testing now, and for some reason I am getting voltage on the output regardless of switch position. Fuck.

Yup something is screwed up.

Mosfets are hard to solder with improper soldering bits. A hot air station would be ideal.

I was sure at least the one was still good though. I’m getting voltage through it even with no voltage on the gate pin though so I guess its blown. Same thing with the second fet.

Time to put that switch in the electronic recycle bin.

An easy and safe way to have an LED on//off light is to get a push button with built in LED and connect the pos/neg pins for the light to an rc signal cable and plug it into an empty channel on your receiver. I did mine that way and it works perfectly.

ummm no I don’t think so, the replacement mosfets are cheap

do you mean current through it?

you’re supposed get a voltage across an open switch ie when the gate voltage is low