FVT 120A esc beeping on start up

I’ve been using the FVT 120A esc for a while now and it’s given me no problems except for a minor issue that I hope someone can help answer. Every time I power on the board the esc makes 5 long beeps followed by the regular tune that plays on startup. Does anyone who has owned this esc know what these 5 beeps mean? The manual doesn’t have any info on this. It might be important to mention that this esc is connected to an Arduino instead of a receiver for a controller and it is powered by 18v instead of 6s.

Edit: I meant to say 5 beeps instead of 3.

Mine has always behaved that way on startup from the day I first used it

It might be low voltage, try connecting it to a 24v psu and see if something similar happens

Mine was connected to an Arduino aswell I think it has to do with the Arduino taking time to boot after the Rx cable gets power

Shouldn’t the Arduino already be booted if the RX cable is sending power?

I just tried 24 volts but the esc still produces those 5 initial beeps.

Ahhh, yep that’s just the sound it makes on startup signally how many cells are connected, 1 beep = 1 cell, 3 beeps = 3cells and so on.

I’m not sure why it didn’t do this before, but my Xcar beast esc does this on start up

Alright, I guess I’ll have to buy the USB programming link and disable this sound. Ty for the help.

Can I ask where you found the manual? The only one I can find on the FVT site is called “FVT’S manual for Electronic Skateboard ESC” and can’t be opened in Word 2016 or Wordpad. Is there another one available somewhere?

I meant the ppm cable has been powered up

I don’t think the noise can be disabled, well at least on the Xcar it couldn’t be disabled