FVT 120A ESC disassembly FAN?

HI everyone, Today I had disassembled my esc to make it smaller because these esc’s are pretty thick. I saw there’s only a very tiny fan inside (diameter=3cm)

My plan was making a case for the esc,receiver,batteries and bms and just keep the cooling fins outside the cover so it will be cooled by the air flow.

Anybody else out here who is running the same esc without the fan?

I also saw a sticker on the fan: 5V 0.2A so I thought maybe I can connect my 5V Ledstrip to the 5V output on the esc? It’s a little bit more than the 0.2A, I guess like 0.5A max but I think that won’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Here are a few pics of the inside of the esc:

I also found this esc in 2 options, sensorless and sensored. I have the sensorless version but I just saw something on the print that looks exactly the same as the 6 sensor wire connections? a bit strange isn’t it?

Also in the enclosure you can see the plastic with a little pattern which is on the same spot as the sensored esc. Here’s a picture of the sensored 120A esc.

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I ran a 150A ESC on a 6S 245KV set up and the fan started whining so I took it off - didn’t make any difference. ESC mounted externally so air could circulate. As the fan was only about £3 i’ve now replaced it but went for a good 6 months without. Just try the LEDs they will either work or they won’t.

@dogeatgod Oh thanks man, now I don’t need to worry about that :wink:

I think @lowGuido is your man. He runs a lot of 6s setups and does a fair share of expiramenting.

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I have been using these in the past. I got tired of the fan as well, so I just poured some hot glue into the fan holes, which made it stop spinning. It worked just fine.

Pretty nice that you took it apart @bartroosen12 !

When I got mine I kind of hated the fan noise too but things moved on and I kind of forgot about it since you dont really hear it that much when riding anyways…

I will definately save this topic to my bookmarks as these pictures are quite valuable and gives some insight on how everything is layed out!

Yeh there is also sensored version… im not sure why they took it out but it might be partly because for esk8 purposes it was not working out that great…

It seems obvious that you will remove the fan anyways but in the early days i was thinking about putting temp sensor and if it got hot that only at certain temperature the fan would start working…

Yeah take the fan off. Its a waste of time. I run plenty without fans. They never get hot enough for a fan.

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Yeah but the noise really shouldn’t bother me but I’m trying to make a pretty slim board. Everything is thinner than 10mm and milled into the deck only the esc is like 40mm and without the fan only like 15mm :wink:

My previous esc which was a 120A boat esc also didn’t had a fan and it never became very hot but the braking and acceleration sucks. this car esc has much smoother acceleration.

good idea, I´ll try my xcar beast 150A without a fan soon :slight_smile:

I am running mine without fans - it works


One of my boards is without a fan too (: works!

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Question, does the fan stay on continuously or is it temp controlled?


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