FVT 12s ESCs $70

Long story short, I bought a bunch of those ESCs in hope that I could build boards and sell them. Unfortunately, not long after I got them it became next to impossible to order lipo batteries and shipped where I live and I had a hard time making those work with li ion packs.

New, still in the sealed bag.

What firmware do these have and where are you located?


I tried to find which version it was but I cannot find the email. I know that it came loaded from the factory and it has brakes. I am however fairly certain that it is not specific to eskate.

I am in Tahiti, shipping is not that high as those are not heavy. Also, i am travelling to Hong Kong next week so I can ship from there it would be even cheaper.

Are they sensored/unsensored?

Hi, they are uncensored.

These seem to be geared to airplane usage, can they be used with an ESk8?

Also, is it possible to ship to Canada?

I don’t really know how to check for sure if they are made for airplanes, I do know however that when I tried one I was able to use brakes. From what I read it would not be possible with an airplane ESC.

I could ship to Canada and it would cost $8 without tracking (delivery takes about 2 weeks) $20 with tracking (delivery takes less than a week) Actually a little more but I am willing to cover the difference.

Did you try it with a tradition car RC transmitter/receiver? Does it come with any software pre-installed?

This is definitely an airplane geared ESC but I’ve read around the forum of some people flashing the firmware to enable adjustable braking as the out of the box braking is sharp and abrupt.

Hi, The firmware was already preinstalled. I used the mini 2.4ghz R/C remote, same as what DIY electric skateboard is/was selling. I do remember the brakes being kind of abrupt.