FVT Esc 120A initial experience

Just building my 2nd board and am using a dual motor setup. on my 1st board I have an Ezrun 150A pro. They are no longer available, at a good price. I love that ESC - totally reliable, runs great on 6s. Great brakes too.

I bought 2 x FVT 120A waterproof ESCs instead. 6s capable, 120A is way more than enough bearing in mind I’m running two. £38 each. I bought the programming LCD card too for £12.

So far they have proven excellent. The accelerate in just the same way the EZRun does, but far quieter, and the braking is far quieter.

Only oddity so far , and this may be the fact I’m using a different controller, is the braking whilst fine, can be severe if you pull the trigger all the way at high speed. I’ve got mine set to 30% force. They are fine, as long as you either don’t jam the brakes on full but go very close to full instead, or, lean back and brace yourself for the sudden heavy braking. I reckon I’ll dial this out with use.

I highly recommend the programming card as there is no explanation of any other method! :slight_smile:

So far very impressed, and they are waterproof too.

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What motors are you running with these ?

I got a programming card for it… works quite ok… of course take your mini laptop if you plan on some field tweaking!

Couple of 5055 270kv motors.

Why the laptop when the programming card does it all?

The programming card I have, although it has a screen and buttons it won’t change settings without a laptop connected. When connected to the esc it just displays the fw version. Is there something else I am missing?

@RogerD Sorry, I meant programming ‘‘link’’.

I believe with the link you can update the firmware if you need to.

@Khaleel So your ‘‘programming card’’ works only when you connect it to the laptop? What changes when you attach the cable to the programming card? I’ve only used usb link so far along with pc software so im not sure about the programming card’s options…

@Okami, The programming card also acts just like the “link” when plugged into a laptop. I have used both and either one will allow you to use the pc software.

Do you have the motor connected and are powering the each through a battery? I have never had problems with my programming card (when I have the cable in properly)

Not tried it connect to a motor yet. Just had the esc connected to the lipo and then also connected to the program card. Will try with a motor connected later. It’s not a huge issue if I need my laptop. More of a query.

It totally works without a laptop - can’t remember the details, but it does :slight_smile:

hey, a bit late. im considdering buying a sensored FVT 120A esc for my new board build… what is the programming card youre all using? ive got an FVT pc adapter, but on a screenshot of the programming software it didnt seem like there was an option to adjust the braking strength… thanks