FVT Esc 120a Troubleshoot

Hi there, I’m having some issue with the FVT 120a ESC, also known as the Sleeping Lion. The Esc stopped working after I’ve used it for about 6 months. Its been running great and I can’t seem to pinpoint what the issue is. I’m able to make a connection with the ESC through computer and am able to send and update softwares to the hardware. However, the ESC doesn’t register the motors being connected to it. The LED red and green lights are on solid, which would indicate that its on sensored mode but my dual motors are SK3s uncensored. Here’s a list of things i’ve done to try to resolve the issue:

-Tried new ESCs but problem persisted. -Switched out new sensored motors but still unable to make a connection. -Checked all battery cells for low voltage but every cells is good. -Send and update softwares on all ESCs, old and new, problem persisted. -Was able to make a connection to the remote receiver. It connected.

At this point i’m at a loss of what exactly the real issue is and wondering if anyone else who had experience with these ESCs had experience something similar. Please let me know. Thanks.

What u mean with u tried new escs?

Does it make any beeping noise when turned on or nothing at all…?

Odd issue… did it happen randomly or u had software update or something else after which it started not to respond…

Not sure im gonna be able to help but maybe this moves whole process for u somehow…

I had some new FVT ESCs and it had the same issue when i connected it. I’m wondering if its a wiring problem.

No sound at all when i turn it on, but LED did turn on and remote receiver is connected.

Nothing really preceded it. ESCs was running really well for about 4 months and then one day they just stop working. I plug my loop key in after charging and it wouldn’t connect, at all.

One thing though, i set my settings really high. Initial acceleration on very high, braking on 80%.

Mh… u should get beeps when it tries / connects to motor. Not sure why yours stuck… Do u have any other motors to try out? Sensor port on mine was removed…

Though… it is 6s version right? Or u got 12s one? Otherwise i have only dealt with 6s one… 12s one might behave a bit different though since u mentioned leds i somewhat suspected u got 6s version with fan and everything just as i do

Ya i’ve tried diff motors, both sensored and unsensored, I’m wondering if my settings has anything to do with it.

Correct, i have 2x12S escs. I’m going to wire up two new ones tomorrow to see if I can get anything out of em with default settings. If not, i have a suspicion it might be the batteries or my xt60. :confused: