FVT ESC software froze

Trying to change a parameter on the esc. Initially computer recognized the USB link and esc link- both green lights. When I pressed the read button it gave an ok indication but no variables were shown. I then chose the firmware update button. There were no options for the hgm file it was seeking. When I looked under all types of file options I selected a choice that did not end in the hgm selection. It started to update and stopped at 80%. Now it says LINK NOT ESTABLISHED no matter what button I push. The worst part is that even when the wires are reconnected to the esc’s nothing happens.

I’ve lost one FVT 120a after trying to update, it got “bricked” :frowning: It is waiting for “solution” now and I bought another one but I’m not touching “Update Firmware” button :slight_smile:

Ouch!!! hope that’s not my case. Just put two new esc in yesterday after having no luck with vescs. Very frustrating hobby!

try swapping the esc connections to the programmer

They were bricked. Bought two new esc’s. Everything now working. Brakes aren’t as smooth as the vescs but as least the board is moving.

that sux. I have one thats bricked - waiting for a response from FVT.

Just bricked mine :frowning: A quick googled and I found something about a program called BLHeli? It seemed too intense for 1am troubleshooting…has anyone revived a bricked FVT yet?

You can flash silabs chips via C2 programming if youve bricked the 1 wire bootloader. Fyi…

And you can build a c2 programmer with blheli suite.