FVT Firmware Update [PSA: Make sure you have the right firmware]

After using the wiiceiver for several months it has been nothing but problem after problem. So I am getting rid of it and just going to go the GT2B route. That said I am using an FVT 120a 6s esc. I have a programming card and want to flash the eSk8 firmware to it. The only problem is the port on the programming card is weird and I don’t know what it is, so I don’t know what to buy. Do any of you know what type of cable it is? Any tips for updating the firmware?

Your help is all ways greatly apprecited!

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Flashing a 6s 120amp?

Show us the ports I don’t think anyone has ever flashed one of those

Pretty sure @torqueboards flashes custom firmware to his escs.

Not to the 6s esc. Those come that way

Oh right. Thanks for the correction.

i flashed the beta eskate firmware to my FVT 120A using the USB programming card

The 6s ones can be flashed too. I had to reflash the one I bought from you and the one I bought from Dexter so they could be used as a dual setup with matching firmware.

I’ve been wondering if the hobbyking xcar 120a works with this firmware. the braking sound is the reason it sits on my desk instead of a board…

I didn’t know that I stopped using those esc’s so long ago I guess I never cared to! Good to know

@DilatedPupils @jakobnator Do you guys know what ports this is? Any help is greatly appreciated!

The one on the right? Mini USB, not to be confused with micro USB. I flashed it with this: http://www.rcjuice.com/usb-programming-link-for-fvt-esc-s.html

Not sure how to do it with the card I’d imagine it’s possible

Ok just purchased that off of amazon. Thanks for the help!

Don’t need the usb link it’s just a mini usb.

Ok, I will see if I have one. Thanks!!!

Okay, got the firmware updated, but need to use the old firmware right now.

How do I get the factory firmware? If u got a link that would be great!

I heard that once you go to the board firmware it’s extremely difficult to go back. I also heard that the stock firmware is preferable over the e board firmware. But maybe they have changed something since then.

did you get a chance to ride with new firmware? How does it ride? I heard one of the other complaints about it is you are no longer able to configure any of the options anymore.

No, waiting on a remote. Should be in the mail today, but the tracking has not been updated for 4 days so Idk if it is lost or not.

It will be very tough to get the original firmware. You will need to contact FVT directly. Personally I do not like the skate firmware on 6s. On 8s - 12s it’s ok. Maybe check on Endless-Sphere. I think someone has the original firmware on there.

What didn’t you like about the eskate firmware on the 6s? Acceleration was too slow?