FVT/TB 12S 120A ESC firmwares anyone?

Does anyone have the original firmware for this ESC. The one I downloaded for the Maytech version is making my motors beep and non-functional. Would appreciate if someone can share the original firmware. Thanks guys.

Let me know if you find or get anything pretty please. I didn’t want to flash any alternatives yet without original FW to revert to.

Where did you get yours if I may ask? Yeah I hope people can share these.

My ESC? It’s the TB, directly from

Currently on 160606, it’s a good ESC, but the breaks are pretty much binary. On or off, no matter the settings.

That’s why I was thinking of trying alternative FW but without original file I just didn’t dare. It’s the only ESC I have ATM :slight_smile:

That said, perhaps @torqueboards can help with the original firmware? Calling Mr. Dexter, you there? :slight_smile:

Yes I see other users here switching back and forth and just hope someone can help. I’m sure @torqueboards would help if he’s not too busy. I have the same original FW as you and just couldn’t live with no brakes or too strong brakes so I tried that *.HGM file i found here and now all it does is quick beeps. It’s not my binding of the receiver since I tested that with a steering servo. It’s just bad FW.

Did you have a look at the FVT downloads page? There seem to be two new version: 170818 and 161214. I also have the HighVol_SkateBoard_160606.hgm one from Maytech.


161214 seems to be for 6s ESC, not 12S. I did get newest 170818, earlier. But thanks for the 160606. I believe that is the version I currently have on my TB 120A 12S ESC, at least the numbers match :slight_smile: